Tafelfreuden is a great meeting point and venue in which quality of life and culinary experience go hand in hand.

We work closely with regional organic farms and local cultural institutions.

Social responsibility and a holistic approach to business are of great importance to us – from personnel management to the sustainable use of resources.

Tafelfreuden stands for more than catering.  We see ourselves as part of the local cultural fabric, which is why we actively participate in social and cultural projects, such as the benefit gala held for Baumhaus (a non-profit assisted living community organisation), our contribution to the project “Eating is Culture” or the “Science cooks” events we organised as part of Oldenburg’s “Science Year”.

Hotel and Restaurant
Stefan Aufleger, Owner
Alexanderstr. 23
D-26121 Oldenburg

Fon: +49(0)441.83227
Fax: +49(0)441.83228

Restaurant Di-Sa from 18h